On Second Thought

by Yusuf Gadlin

Deandre Jordan reached out to his old Clippers teammates. He didn’t want to have thoughts of betraying them in the worst way any longer. Essentially, had Clippers point guard Chris Paul sensed that the big man was super sensitive, and really wasn’t feeling the fiery point guard attitude  anymore we would never be here. Jordan backed out of a 4yr/80 million dollar deal with Dallas Mavericks to rejoin his third wheel role with the Los Angeles Clippers.There is nothing wrong with changing your mind and having a change of heart. But when those feelings of uncertainty are unknown by your new suitors, you have to open your mouth and at least say something about it! you don’t lock yourself in your home and ignore phone calls,text, and pray for the whole situation to be over with.

Maverick franchise player Chandler Parson called Deandre, and never got a answer. Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban texted the emotionally fragile big man and got ignored. Just like that, Deandre Jordan was gone. The Mavericks were shocked, embarrassed, and crushed spiritually to say the least. How can a seven foot grown ass man be this scary? Mark Cuban probably thought to himself before sending out another ignored text message, How? I guess it doesn’t really matter now.The Mavericks are now focused on trying to stay relevant in the western conference. They likely wont be in the playoffs next year,  scratch that. They WON’T  be in the playoffs next year, and seriously have to think about trading their future hall of fame player Dirk Nowitzki,  just so he doesn’t have to suffer threw a eventual rebuilding process.

The Clippers get to keep a key piece to their championship hopes in Deandre Jordan with a 4yr/88 million dollar deal. They promised him more touches, more high fives, less yelling,  and a bunch of other childish promises probably. With the additions of Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson to the clippers roster, they plan to win it all next year.
 Deandre Jordan chose the best possible situation for him career wise. But the way he went about it was the worst, character wise.

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