This is KD’s Year


by Yusuf Gadlin

As 26-year-old Kevin Durant enters his ninth and possible final season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, there is no question what is on the line for the mega Superstar. This year for the Thunder is all about winning a long over due championship or succumbing to the notion that a hero’s parade in Oklahoma is nothing more than a day dream. Kevin Durant you have been in the league long enough, its time to conquer your first NBA championship.

This is the year where you finally put Russell Westbrook in his place and let him know he is the second option. I don’t care if you have to resort to violence, you must not let Westbrook’s pride and personal vendetta get in the way of the ultimate goal. In fact this might be your biggest challenge in rout to winning your first NBA championship, not beating the Spurs, Clippers, or the Warriors but getting your strong willed teammate to understand that team ball and sacrifice is the key to winning it all.

There is absolutely no excuses this year.

The Thunder has one of the deepest teams in the Western Conference this season. They boast a talented front court of Enes Kanter for offense and Serge Ibaka for Defense. They currently have the best point guard in basketball Russell Westbrook. They have great wild card players in Dion Waiters and Kyle Singler. They have a great back up point guard in D.J. Augustine. If this ultra talented team did have a Achilles heel, it would be that they have a first year head coach in Billy Donavon.

In the end, Kevin Durant is expected to win a NBA title this year. We all know about his injured foot that limited him to 27 games this past season. Durant claims he is 100% healthy and is currently giving his foot a test run in Las Vegas to stake his claim for the 2016 men’s Olympic team. Durant is a automatic lock to make that exclusive roster–the real deal comes in October and hopefully early June.

This is the year that  Kevin Durant validates his greatness, anything less is a total failure.

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