Step It Up For The 6

by Yusuf Gadlin


What were the true expectations for the  number nine overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft?

I’m talking about the “lost in the wind” ball player named Demar DeRozan. It seems like every year his level of performance stays at a mediocre level. Derozan is a former all-star (2014) and a Olympic gold medalist(2014), no doubt both are  great for your basketball resume. But when you look closely at his performance at both venue’s, you barely remember if he was even there. In the 14 minutes he played in the 2014 all-star game DeRozan only scored 8 points. I know its just a exhibition game, but still, its your duty to leave the world with a lasting impression of your elite basketball skills. If you look at Derozan’s gold medal with the  2014 world cup team, DeRozan only averaged 11 minutes through nine games and produced a measly 4 points a game. Again, I understand you won’t get many minutes on Team USA when sharing them with stars  such as James Harden and Klay Thompson. But when you receive sporadic minutes, I think it’s in any player best interest to perform at a very high level so the coach can find you more minutes.

DeRozan was nothing more than a bench warmer in both settings, he’s too good for that.

With the  blazing up rise of shooting guards in the NBA like the Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler and Washington Wizard Bradley Beal, Demar DeRozan’s name is very close to being irrelevant. Like DeRozan, both Butler and Beal were among 34 elite players selected for a opportunity to compete for one of twelve available spots for the Men’s Olympic basketball team. Because of Jimmy Butler’s elite defense and Bradley Beal’s marksmanship from the three point line, both players should be ahead of DeRozan on the ” Who’s more valuable ” chart. With the recent spike of talent at the shooting guard position in the NBA, Demar DeRozan name can no longer be selected by default.

The Toronto Raptors are expecting a great season from DeRozan this year. Hopefully this is the year he can summon that untapped potential that’s lies within him. DeRozan must remember the goal is to be great, and not get swept away by mediocrity. He’s too good for that, but does he know it.

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