CHICAGO BULLS: What are we truly playing for?

by Yusuf Gadlin

Another Chicago Bulls season is upon us.

But this time around, true Bulls fans aren’t really excited. After a crushing defeat at the hands of a decimated LeBron led team in the playoffs, the question is: what the hell are we playing for this year?

The Chicago Bulls have yet to beat Lebron James when it really matters. Its to the point that its the only thing that matters. Its not about a new offensive scheme put in place by new Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg. Its not about watching Jimmy Butler progress even further than he did last season. Hell, its not even about Oklahoma city’s Russell Westbrook promising us that his summer workout buddy Derrick Rose is back to his normal self.

None of those empty promises mean anything.

What does matter, is if the Bulls can rediscover their nastiness on the defensive end. Defense used to be the Chicago’s ultimate calling card. Now, its just a thing of the past with focus seemingly being on the offensive side of things. Health is another reason why Bulls fans are skeptical this season. Already, the Bulls will enter the season without starter Mike Dunleavy who recently underwent back surgery. This is a
big loss for the Bulls, as Dunleavy is the unquestioned glue to this team. Dunleavy is expected to be out 8-10 weeks. The Bulls will now depend on Tony Snell to make a major impact while Dunleavy recovers.

This could be a surprise bright spot for the Bulls if Tony Snell has progressed over the summer.

In the end, this season is not about multiple 10 game winning streaks or a resurgent Joakim Noah. Its not about the Bulls finally getting rest for their starters or Doug McDermott finally being unleased on the NBA. The only thing that matters is beating LeBron James in the playoffs. If the Cleveland Cavaliers happen to meet the Bulls again In the post season, this time around with a fully healthy roster, are we to expect the Bulls hands to be finally raised in victory?

I’ll let you tell me.

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