Trade Derrick Rose

by Yusuf Gadlin

Please trade him, let him start over. Derrick Rose needs to get the hell out of Chicago quick, fast, in a hurry.

What was once infatuation, is now toxic and poisonous. When Jimmy Butler commented on Rose’s latest unintentional “wacky” statements with ” he can talk about unicorns and rainbows for all I care; just help us win games,” it became clear, JB didn’t care for DRose very much.

The quicker Derrick can go, the quicker we can turn the page and heal from this sad unfortunate chapter of Bulls basketball.

Its always been clear Rose wanted to be the primary reason why Chicago would win another championship. But then injuries happened, and Jimmy Butler happened. Where Rose lacks media savvy, Jimmy Butler shines brightly. Where Rose struggles with injuries and chooses to proceed with caution, there’s Butler again, sacrificing his body, laying it all on the line.

There is no telling the type of barbs and bitter rhetoric Bulls management spewed in Jimmy Butler direction about Derrick Rose, in terms of snatching the torch from Rose and becoming the “Smart” new face of the franchise. I imagine it went something like this:

” Just two more years of Derrick Jimmy, and its all yours.”


When Rose returns from his fractured eye and proves he’s more than a serviceable point guard, The Bulls should trade the former MVP at this seasons all-star break.

They have to, they just have too.

The Bulls can no longer take a chance on Rose staying healthy. The last egg in that basket cracked semi through the Bulls first practice. What used to be love for Derrick Rose has turned into hate, a teammate waiting to take his spot, and a bunch of Phil Rosenthal’s.

Its time for Derrick Rose to leave his hometown, and maybe just maybe, he can find the health that alludes him.

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