The Shakedown

by Yusuf Gadlin

This Tristan Thompson situation has officially gotten out of hand.

Where on Gods’ green earth does this guy believe he is a max player? Tristan Thompson should realize how foolish and greedy he looks demanding a max level contract. The fact that he turned down a insane 5 year/80 million dollar deal from the Cleveland Cavaliers shows that this is a official shake down by his agent Rich Paul, who also happens to be Lebron James agent.

Who knows if LeBron James is secretly flexing his powers behind the scenes, encouraging Tristan’s holdout, knowing damn well Dan Gilbert ultimately has to do whatever LeBron wants.

And Lebron wants his home boy paid handsomely.

From the recent Instagram post by LeBron James, subliminally ordering the Cavs organization to handle Tristan’s contract dispute, one thing is clear.

The Cavs brass are starting to upset him and that’s the last thing they want.

The Cavs aren’t stupid. They know its a million Tristan Thompsons around the league capable of grabbing 8 points and 8 rebounds. But this is LeBron’s boy, so you gotta break that bank to keep the King happy.

The Cavs tried with the initial  ludicrous offer of 80 million.

Game over, right? Wrong. This is a official shake down by Lebrons agent Rich Paul, which Lebron is on board with, which I guess Dan Gilbert invited with that disgusting letter he wrote about Lebron back in 2010. If this is Lebrons way to settle the score with Gilbert, then what a hell of a way to settle by forcing a rich pay day for a back up power forward with no offensive skills.

Tristan Thompson will be paid more than he’s worth, Thank LeBron James

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