Lamar Odom Has to Pull Through


by Yusuf Gadlin

How can Lamar Odom be supposedly laying on his death bed?

Writing that sentence feels unreal. Lamar Odom shouldn’t be fighting for his life right now. Instead, in a perfect world, Odom should be playing for the Lakers this year. Odom, along with Metta World Peace and the great Kobe Bryant should be preparing for one last year in the NBA.
I can see Odom now, smiling while protecting the youngins from a raging Kobe Bryant because of their rookie mistakes. I could also see Odom serving as living proof or a walking testimony to the  Lakers rookies on things they should avoid in La La land like gold digging women and drugs.
But sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in harsh realities.
The reality for Lamar Odom is that he is in the twelve round with his reoccurring demons. Odom has to fight, win by knock out, and swear to never to step into the ring with them again.
That’s the harsh reality for Lamar Odom.
Mines happens to be dropping the same college math class for the second semester in a row. Knowing I have to step  in the ring with math and knock it out, I’m scared I will never defeat it, therefore jeopardizing my hopes and dreams of becoming  a sports journalist.
Everyone walking the face of the earth has some form of a harsh reality. The thing is, we often run from it, until we have to confront them head on, prepared or not. We can only hope that Lamar Odom is finally prepared to fight things like drugs, depression, betrayal, abandonment, and other unfortunate circumstances that are trying claim his life.
Harsh realities make you face your circumstance on your own. It’s Odom responsibility to fight for his own life, not his drug addicted father or his camera first ex-wife.Not his beautiful children, or his guardian angels such as his infant son or his beloved mother.
When Lamar Odom hand is ultimately raised in victory, one can only hope, Odom can live the rest of his life in a perfect world.


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