Warriors Will Repeat

by Yusuf Gadlin
After months of meditation and a epic basketball  war which put my heart against my brain, which my brain won, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Golden State Warriors will win the 2016 NBA championship.
During a recent preseason game in which the Warriors stumped a mud hole in the Los Angeles Lakers 136-97, a staggering stat appeared on the television screen.
That stat happens to be the Warriors total win/loss record accumulated last season which resulted in the Warriors winning their first title since 1975. But here comes the shell shock. The 83 wins are the third most in NBA history, only behind…drum roll… Jordan’s Bulls.
 We’re talking about JORDAN’S BULLS.
The level of commitment and sacrifice it takes to achieve that is mind boggling. That record tells me the Warriors are special, very special. One thing about those Jordan’s teams is that everyone outside of Chicago waited on their downfall. With seemingly everyone pegging the Warriors championship run as a fluke, the patiently waiting is about to begin.
Perhaps the most important keys of all-time to unlock this fruition lies in the hands of two individuals. Those individuals are Warriors coach Steve Kerr and the franchise player Stephen Curry. Kerr must become a modern day Phil Jackson. Back then it seemed like Phil Jackson did nothing when coaching those famous Bulls teams. Phil always had this supreme confidence about himself, maybe because he had Michael Jordan or maybe he knew his team was more talented then the rest of the NBA. Either way Jackson never panicked and used brilliant psychology to keep the Bulls in the proper mind frame to achieve the greatness the eventually achieved. Seeing how Steve Kerr was a player under Phil Jackson during the Bulls glory days,Kerr knows exactly what it takes to guide a team to multiple championships.

Which brings me to Stephen Curry.
It’s time for Stephen Curry to take on the Michael Jordan-type role with the Warriors. Curry doesn’t need to dominate the competition every night like Jordan, but Curry does needs to make his opponents feel helpless throughout most nights during the upcoming season. The distinct difference between Jordans Bulls  and Currys current Warriors is that Curry has a better supporting cast then Michael Jordan had. If you take  Jordan off the 95-96 Bulls in which they won a NBA record 72 games and a NBA championship and remove Curry from last year Warriors, the Warriors supporting cast outscore  The bulls cast by 10.4 points

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