Just Wait On It…

by Yusuf Gadlin

Kobe Bryant made his anticipated return to basketball last night for his 20th NBA season against the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Bryant 37, shot 8-24 from the field, and showed the world when his basketball timing does return, watch out opposition. Kobe certainly didn’t shoot the ball as efficient as he would  have liked, but he has to love the fact that he will be able to get his shot off against anybody. The fact is there isn’t a lot of veteran savvy defenders left in the NBA, there’s only kids, wannabes, and alot of talented athletes.
The key for Kobe is getting the ball in his sweet spots. Critics may say ” Kobe shot too many jumpers,”  however, it was truly a matter of make or miss. This Lakers team is nice,  and the young guys definitely need to be more aggressive.

But if they won’t, Kobe will. This isn’t some old guy hoisting up shots to pad his stats. This is a guy that when his timing returns will have some 40 point nights again this season. The Lakers  supporting cast was good just like Kobe, but both have to step their game up if they want to contend in the western conference.
As the season progresses Kobe Bryant will return to the feared version of the black mamba , just wait on it.

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