Derrick Rose: Playing Possum

by Yusuf Gadlin
Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has been playing horrible so far this season. Derrick has been so bad that some Chicago fans want Rose on the trading block now, right now.  Through five games Rose has a grand total of 51 points. That is pathetic compared to what other ” Superstar points guards” are doing around the league.
Through five games these are some elite point guards point totals.
Golden States Stephen Curry-179 pts
Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook- 143pts
Toronto’s Kyle Lowery-96 pts
Lakers D’Angelo Russell (Rookie) – 45 points

Obviously, D’Angelo Russell is not a elite point guard . But still, Rose has scored six more points than a rookie that really needs D-league playing time badly. Is double vision still plaguing Rose? or does Rose simply want to get the hell out of Chicago? No matter how badly we as fans want to question Rose personally for his sluggish start to the season, the fact is we simply don’t know why a former  league MVP is playing  so poorly. Rose is healthy right?
Derrick Rose relationship with Chicago and its fans has just about flat lined. However, most Fans just want the old Rose back, the guy that was so dam acrobatic finishing around the hoop.
Perhaps Derrick wants to finish acrobatically with another team.

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