by Yusuf Gadlin
Nobody knows if the Golden State Warriors will be undefeated when they face the Chicago Bulls on November 20th. But if they happen to be, the world might see a epic battle between Bulls star Derrick Rose and the Warriors Stephen Curry.
These days it seems like Stephen Curry is unstoppable. Every time Curry shoots the orange rock, you literally expect nothing but net. Curry and his Warriors are playing with a humongous size chip on their shoulder, so destroying the opposition is a must if you are apart of the Warriors franchise. It also seems like Curry has a cocky knack for destroying the other team starting point guard.
But when Curry and company roll into the United Center in less than a week another star point guard will be waiting for him. That star point guard is Derrick Rose.
Derrick Rose also has a knack for taking his game to another level when facing off against elite point guards. Ask Russell Westbrook. And with Curry (arguably the best player in the galaxy) seemingly approaching Michael Jordan status as the games greatest and most exciting player, only true basketball minds know, Derrick Rose has something truly special in store for all of us.
Stephen Curry might  want to bring a fork and knife with him to Chicago as Derrick Rose will surely be serving humble pie when these two point God’s finally meet. This is a absolute must win game for the Chicago Bulls. They must bond together as a team and derail this Golden freight train even if it’s only for one night.

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