Farewell, Our Basketball Father


by Yusuf Gadlin

Twenty years of blood, sweat, and tears. Twenty years of excellence and dedication. Twenty years the NBA and its fan-base wish it could have back. The great Kobe Bryant is retiring at seasons end and yet it feels as if someone passed away.

For those of us who grew up watching Kobe Bryant snatch the torch from Micheal Jordan and never look back, It feels as if our basketball father is about to pass away. He essentially raised and shaped our perception of how the NBA game should be played. With fire, passion, aggression, hunger, and many more words that cannot define the lasting impact of Kobe Bean Bryant.

Kobe Bryant gave and continues to give every drop of dedication to the game of basketball. Whether it was for the potential prize of an NBA championship or now, for the shear hope his team will be motivated enough to win a single meaningless game.The fact is Kobe Bryant is tired, beat up, bruised and battered. He has nothing left to give the game of basketball but the shell of a former player that has finally surrendered to father time.

Farewell, our basketball father. we will never forget your  famous scowl or your beautiful fade away jump shot. We will never forget your  re-dedication to your wife and kids, and being the ambassador  of basketball today’s player could never reach. thank you for your dramatic 81 points, thank you for five hard earned NBA championships.

There will never be another Kobe Bryant. Thank you, our Basketball father. your memories will live on forever and ever.

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