If They Only Had A Coach

by Yusuf Gadlin

Not much has changed since the Oklahoma City Thunder changed their head coach last season.
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook still engage in the ultimate tag team basketball, leaving their other three teammates out to dry like wet laundry. Newly minted Thunder head coach Billy Donovan was supposed to dispose of that brand of selfish basketball, but like former Thunder coach Scott Brooks, Donovan has no control over his mega stars and looks pathetically helpless.
Somebody should have stayed in Florida.
Through 19 games, the Thunder sit with eleven victories and eight defeats, still good enough for 1st place in their division. The problem is the Golden State Warriors are undefeated and the Oklahoma City Thunder while insanely talented are mediocre at best.
This supposedly new concept of more space in the offense for Durant and Westbrook to operate in, imposed by Billy Donovan is embarrassing. NEWS FLASH BlLLY, Durant and Westbrook has always had space to operate, They need to learn how to get their God damn teammates involved religiously.
If Kevin McHale was fired 10 games into this season after he took his team to the conference finals the previous year, then all those in favor of booting Donovan back to Florida say I. Where is that passion that Donovan displayed at Florida? Where is that immense fire Billy? You have to wonder if Billy Donovan regrets taking this job.

It looks like the Thunder are starting to chisel out a disappointing end to their season. And it’s a shame because they have the talent to win it all. Durant and Westbrook have never felt accountability. They have never been chewed out in front of teammates and challenged to transform their game for the sake of a NBA Championship. It’s astounding that these two top five Basketball players have never had a coach with not only championship pedigree but a coach that demands respect. It’s truly a shame, If they only had coach.
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