Jimmy Butler: Most Improved Diva


by Yusuf Gadlin


Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler is becoming quite the character since signing his five-year/95 million dollar max contract this past summer.
The self-proclaimed “vocal” “leader of the Chicago Bulls has  developed a bad habit of mouthing off to media about teammates, and now shockingly his first year head coach Fred Hoiberg. Butler stated that the Bulls needed to be coached harder and that the first year head coach needed to get a lot tougher on players when their not doing what there supposed to do.
But wait there’s more….
Jimmy Butler has become annoyingly animated towards teammates during   timeout huddles as if he has won two championship rings (Paul Gasol) or been league MVP ( Derrick Rose) and of course won defensive player of the year, plus a fourth place finish in MVP voting (Joakim Noah).
Does Jimmy Butler understand that he is  the best player on the Bulls because of injuries to Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah and the advanced age of Paul Gasol? Does Mr. Buckets know that both Rose, Gasol, and Noah have never called out teammates or head coaches to the media and all three have more valuable awards on the mantel then him?
I’m sorry Chicago, but Jimmy Butler is starting to show symptoms of diva-itis. Show some respect and decency Jimmy and  address your teammates and coach in private if you feel others are not pulling their weight. This could have been a private locker room issue. But now, This will become a media issue and create more static for a team that doesn’t need it.
I guess Jimmy Butler is in the  running for “Most Improved Diva” this year.
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