Y’all Better Respect Dame

by Yusuf Gadlin
Be a king in your mind  but do the work of a servant.
This inspiring quote  was written and spoken by Portland Trailblazer  star Damien Lillard in a new  Adidas commercial which he is the focal point.  Lillard perfectly executed  that motto when he personally slayed the record chasing Golden State Warriors this past week to the tune of 51 points.

Mentally, Lillard approached that game as if he were the best player on the court and Stephen curry, the face of the NBA, was regulated to nothing more than a peasant. But that sensational performance is only a small microcosom of what Damian Liilard has been able to do for the Blazers organization as this year was supposed to be a throwaway season. Lillard has the blazers sitting in seventh place in the western conference with a shot to get as high as fifth place , and if this stars align perfectly, fourth place is a real possibility.
No one expected this.
The Blazers lost four starters from last year playoff team by either trade or free agency. The only remaining constant is Lillard with his sniper like marksmanship from the three point line to go along with his Iverson-like crossovers. I have a question for you. Can your favorite point guard lead his team to a potential playoff berth after losing four starting  teammates? How many of you want your favorite point guard to attempt this amazing feat? probably none is my guess.
Damian Lillard deserves more recognition and less disrespect. Lillard was a sacrificial  cut from the Olympic team a couple years ago, and a disgraceful All-Star snub this season after posting career highs in points (25.1) and assist (7.2). This is a warning to the NBA. If you  blatantly and flagrantly keep  disrespecting a player of Damian Lillard rare caliber, your going to create a monster that no player in the NBA will be able to stop. The disrespect is fueling him, the love of the game drives him, Damian Lillard is about to shock the world.
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