The Golden Wrist

by Yusuf Gadlin

The NBA world is running out of superlatives for the ridiculous three point shooting king known as Stephen Curry.

Curry hit the shot of the year, while seemingly giving birth to his now legendary status all with one flick of his golden wrist. Curry drilled a 32 foot dagger in the heart of not only Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, but also the heart of every NBA player that had dreams of becoming the leagues best player over the next ten years.
The audacity of Stephen Curry.
The fact is Stephen Curry is now the best player in the NBA. That was certified when Lebron James took to twitter to gush over Curry’s 46 point and NBA record tying 12 three pointers in a game performance. “Never seen someone like him in the history of ball,” LeBron James tweeted. As shocking and suspect as that tweet was, ladies and gentlemen it is the truth. I saw Michael Jordan win his final three championships in dominating and fade away fashion. I also saw Kobe Bryant win all of his 5 rings in the same but more aggressive fashion. But never has the NBA seen such as player so skinny and human like , so relatable and marketable dominate the game with the three point shot. Stephen Curry is the revolution of basketball. and on top of that, Curry is now the most exciting player to ever play the game behind only Michael Jordan, but even that is now in danger.

Nothing and no one is safe with Stephen Curry and his golden wrist.
#NBA #StephCurry #KobeNation

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