Tyler vs. Yogi… Oh My

Yogi vs. Tyler

by Yusuf Gadlin

They should have met in the Sweet Sixteen or later. But unfortunately either  Kentucky’s Tyler Ulis or Indiana’s Yogi Ferell  must win or go home.

These two super point guards will face off for the first time ever in the NCAA tournaments 2nd round. A match up like this, this early, is the true meaning of March Madness. But nonetheless, America will find out who is the baddest point guard in college basketball.
Indiana’s Ferell looks like he’s made out of stone. So strong, so chiseled, this miniature guard game is predicated on physicality and speed. It’s no secret Ulis may be in for some classic bully ball at the hands of Yogi himself.
But don’t get it twisted, Tyler Ulis won’t back down at all.
Kentucky’s Ulis is a baby-faced savage. Slender in size at 5 foot 8 inches and a modest 150 pounds, what he lacks in size he makes up with heart and boat loads of it. Ulis will have to score 20+ and hand out double digit assist if the Wildcats want to continue their march towards another NCAA championship.
Which ever point guard has the better game will  propel thier team to victory. Though they have never faced off before, this one feels personal.
It’s Tyler Vs Yogi …. Oh my
#TylerUlis #YogieFerell #NCAA

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