Two Wrongs. No Rights.


by Yusuf Gadlin

Now that the dust has settled, this blogger is left to sort out the remains of L.A. Lakers drama boys Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell reputations. I hate to get religious but… “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  And while Russell chose to secretly record himself casting the biggest stone he could find at his teammate Nick Young, it is also Young sneaky transgressions that have also been brought to the forefront.

Nick Young is a cheater. So was Former President Bill Clinton and now injury riddled golfer Tiger Woods. Clinton managed to save his relationship, something Young hopes to do with his fiance, pop singer Iggy Azalea. Tiger Woods failed to save his, something Nick young hopes to avoid at all cost. One of  those two options will come to fruition for Swaggy P. But  we as the forgetful sinners that we are have no right belittle any of these men. Nobody is perfect, what skeletons do you have?

D’Angelo Russell is not getting a pass in my book. He deserves to be labeled a lame for the time being for his idiotic stunt. But Russell is also just 20 years of age. The young blood will learn many lessons from this but let’s not act like this kid committed a violent acts against women/children or committed a murder. Russell has lost the trust of his teammates and his cool guy persona has been ripped to shreds. He’s part of the out group now, but his older brother Nick Young is there as well, just under a different category.
Rather then trash or point the judgmental finger at these young brothers life’s, can we find them mentors to mold them into the model husband or the perfect teammate. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and playing for the Lakers as presently constructed won’t help things either.
#NickYoung #NBA #Lakers #DangeloRussell #IggyAzalea #TigerWoods

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