The Messy Chicago Bulls

CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 4:  Derrick Rose #1 of the Chicago Bulls reacts after an apparent injury in the second half against the Cleveland Cavaliers during Game One in the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the 2015 NBA Playoffs 2015 at Quicken Loans Arena on May 4, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Bulls defeated the Cavaliers 99-92. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

by Yusuf Gadlin

What was supposed to be a year of redemption turned out to be a year of disgust. For the first time in seven years, the 2016 Chicago Bulls failed to make the playoffs.

There are a multitude of reasons you can blame for this atrocity. Some will say it’s the never ending injuries to players that seem to keep verging it’s ugly head and derailing Chicagoans’ dreams of a championship parade. Rather it was Derrick Rose who was injured on the first day of training camp (Orbital fracture) or “supposed” glue guy Mike Dunleavy (Back) who missed 50 games, and of course,   there was Jimmy Butler  ( sprained knee) who missed a key stretch of games that ultimately led to the Bulls demise.

Injuries definitely did a number on the Chicago Bulls this year, as always. But so did the Bulls front office.
Perhaps the biggest culprits that played a hand in the Bulls unexpected meltdown are the front office executives John Paxson and Gar Forman. These two wonder twins have thing for self destruction.  Again I ask, why would they fire the second greatest coach in Bulls history named Tom Thibodeau? If sources are true, why the hell would these two “Leaders” give the “Ok” to core players to tune out Thibodeau instructions. These are  the same two weirdos that replaced Thibodeau with a college coach that’s best suited to coach… college.
Intense head scratching everywhere.

But the biggest head scratcher is what happened to Jimmy Butler.  The no longer humble shooting guard made his presence felt on and off the court this year. On the court, Butler was voted a allstar again for the second time in a row. But it was off the court were Jimmy made his improvement the most.  The new 95 million dollar man made it his personal vendetta  to be the leader of the Chicago Bulls, never caring which elder statesman of the team foot he stepped on.

He boasted time after the time that he was the leader of the Bulls. Butler also called out teammates to the media and his first year head coach Fred Hoiberg. Hoiberg stated that “The Bulls season started to go downhill” after Butler made shocking comments that he needed to be coach harder in December, after a loss to the New York Knicks. No one in the Bulls locker room could believe that somebody that was once so humble and used for defensive purposes only could evolve into a irritating unexpected diva desperate for recognition  at whatever cost. Butler caused so much disruption this season , reports have surfaced that the Bulls might trade the theatrical shooting guard this summer.
Quite frankly, the Chicago Bulls empire is a mess. Words like dysfunctional, unorganized, and shady now come to mind when you think of a once proud  organization. In a season that the saw the Golden State Warriors tie the  95-96 Bulls record for most wins in a season (72), the Chicago Bulls of today are quickly fading into irrelevancy. with Derrick Rose scheduled to be a free agent at the end of the 2017 season,  and the heart and soul of the Bulls Joakim Noah set to test free agency this summer ,there’s a chance that  in one year, the Chicago Bulls that we once loved for there toughness and grit, will be extinct.

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