Predicting Steph Curry’s Final Game



by Yusuf Gadlin


After Kobe Bryant lit the world on fire with his mouth dropping, Hollywood scripted 60 point performance in his final game of his career, my mind drifted for second.

I thought about Stephen Curry final game of his career.

Before Kobe mamba’d out, he talk about how fast twenty years passed by. And with Curry realistically looking at another 10 years (hopefully) of  playing amazing basketball, it might be fair to say, I think Steph can squint his eyes and recognize the the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now back to what I saw in Curry’s final game.

The crowd at Oracle Arena was going crazy. Harrison Barnes was in attendance also. He finally came back to the Bay Area after the leaving the Warriors during the summer of 2016. The fans hated him for that, but on this night he was no longer public enemy number one , nobody cared, it was all about celebrating the career of Stephen Curry.
Everyone was standing in shock including his best friend Draymond Green who retired three years earlier from the Warriors organization. Klay Thompson, also retired, couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
Nobody could.
Stephen Curry had just connected on his 24th 3-pointer on the night.With 6 minuets left in the 4th quarter, Stephen Curry had 77 points. The camera flashed to Currys daughter Riley who is now thirteen years of age. She’s going wild in the crowd along with her mother Ayesha. The  same way Kobe’s wife and kids did for him ten years earlier.
I can’t tell you the  expected absurd point total the shooting wizard will have on this night. All I can tell you is that this is entirely possible. Remember,  fans rooted passionately and expected Kobe Bryant  to shoot his ass off, which he did 50 times for 60 points. There is no question in my mind that fans around the world will want to see Stephen Curry shoot as many three pointers as he possibly can in his final game. that is his calling card right? He wouldn’t dare turn down the opportunity if his teammates insisted he set the net on fire one last time, right?

We won’t know how many Championships Steph will have. It’s already given that in ten years  Steph will be the NBA’s all time three pointer leader by far. In his prime Curry is shooting 45% from the three point line, I don’t think the ridiculous  efficiency will ever change. Curry very well could end his career with a 100+ point scoring game. Are we bold enough to say Curry can’t do this?

Like they say in basketball when father time will eventually strike,  the jump shot is always the last thing to go.
Stephen Curry jumper will never leave him. I look forward to  seeing his final game. It very well could be the greatest game ever played in the history of basketball.
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