Celtic Luck


by Yusuf Gadlin

The Boston Celtics are on the brink of elimination. For the Celtics, the injuries are piling up and the seldom used reserves find themselves trying to win a  playoff series rather than trying to impress Celtics coach Brad Stevens to be worthy of a roster spot next season.

The mighty mini Celtic and leader of this team Isaiah  Thomas returns to the Boston Garden for a epic game 6 nursing a bum sprained ankle. Still, the show must go on and Isaiah must lead his team to victory.

Avery Bradley isn’t walking through that door anytime soon either.

Poor shooting and injuries can be cited for the Celtics predicament. The only hope now is for another herculean effort from Thomas like he did game 3 dropping 42 points,still the highest point total by anyone playing in the postseason.

The Boston Garden will be rocking, perhaps the loudest these current Celtics players have ever heard. Pressure bust pipes, so only the strong will survive. Luck will be desperately needed for the role players playing in this intense atmosphere. Coming home to Boston where the luck grows on trees, the Celtics need to grab as much as possible and use it for game 7 in Atlanta.

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