We Ain’t Going Home… Yet

by  Yusuf Gadlin

After beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the Western Conference finals, in a win or go home situation Stephen Curry beat his chest and yelled at the crowd:

“We ain’t going home, we ain’t going home.”
That is true for now as the  Warriors head to loud city for an epic Game 6. Can the Warriors really pull this thing off? I believe they can but a Herculean effort  will be needed from Steph Curry to save the Warriors from elimination.
“We have to prepare for the biggest game of our career” said Curry in a post game interview with David Aldridge. You would think being down 2-1 to the Cleveland Cavilers in last years NBA finals would classify as being the biggest games of any Warriors  player career  seeing how a championship ring was on the line.

It’s clear, the Oklahoma City Thunder scare the living hell out of the Golden State Warriors.

The key for the Warriors in game six will be composer. Can the Warriors survive the first wave of runs by OKC that they will be bombarded with at beginning of the game based  solely on home energy from the Thunder crowd? Those Thunder runs against the Warriors feel like Mike Tyson punches in his prime. This will be interesting to see!

One thing is true after game six. The Warriors will either be going home for Summer vacation or they forced a Game 7.

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