Out Here Looking For Revenge


by Yusuf Gadlin


All the dust has finally settled, and all the smoke has cleared. The NBA Finals now has its participants. This years ultimate round will be a rematch from last, but this time around a certain team will be at full strength.

Ok, cut the crap.

Cleveland Cavailer superstar LeBron James is out here looking for revenge in the highest order. Last year his team made the finals but they was beaten, battered, and injury riddled. Nobody cared though, as LeBron added another finals loss to his resume. Oh, the team that handed Bron that L happens to have made back to the finals for a much-anticipated rematch. That team? Only the reigning NBA champions covered in 73 regular season wins– Golden State Warriors.

Not only is LeBron out for blood but he’s out to make sure the world knows who is the best player in the world. Warriors Superstar Stephen Curry recently snatched the spotlight from LeBron as the game best and the leagues must see player.  Curry has made LeBron an after thought and a spectator of his greatness via the three point shot, a known weakness in LeBron’s game. Rather its jealousy, envy, or irritation, the 6’8 260-pound James can’t wait for another crack at the 6’2 190-pound Curry.
This time around LeBron has Kyrie Irving back who I think can be just as lethal as Stephen Curry. Lebron also has the help of Kevin Love who will have his mental game tested at the hands of Warriors Foward Draymond Green. Both of these “Max” contract  players missed the finals last year with injuries as Lebron was forced to fight alone against a deep and in sync Warriors team that eventually defeated the Cavilers in six games,
Unfortunately, I believe Love or Irving will succumb to the pressure to produce, the expectations of others, and playing on the finals stage itself. (My money is on Kevin Love imploding by the way!) Therefore, Cleveland’s chance at winning the franchises first championship probably will go up in smoke maybe in six games. But I have strange feeling this series will end seven for the ultimate prize.
With all that being said, that still doesn’t change the narrative that LeBron James is out here looking for revenge. I expect greatness from him as always.
But I’m afraid that history will repeat itself.
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