Like Taking Candy from a Cleveland Baby


by Yusuf Gadlin

The Golden State Warriors annihilated the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA finals 110-77.

The old but perfect cliché to describe the Warriors dominance against the Cavs in this series is as followed,”It’s like taking candy from a baby.” The Warriors are just to dominate. The Cavaliers are just to inferior. It’s just that simple. The Warriors were led by their hype man Draymond Green who scored  28 points and drained five three pointers. Warriors Superstars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson had another mediocre performance both scoring 17 and 18 points respectably.

As this clearly uneven series shifts back to Cleveland for game 3, the pressure is starting to mount for the Cavs. The goal is no longer to win a championship, the goal is “Try not to get swept”. This was a horrible performance by the Cavaliers. They looked shook, nervous and fidgety. All the main participants for the Cavs, Including LeBron James were reduced to animated whispers among each other as each individual , glued to the bench, talked to a teammate next to them like they had a secret remedy for game 3.

If such a remedy did exist, the formula could only be to play harder and smarter for the Cavaliers.

Unfortunately , if the Cavaliers perfected both of those reasonable goals by game three, they would still lose by 20. Seriously. There is nothing that scares the Warriors about the Cavilers. Not LeBron James  dominating on the block and delivering thunderous dunks after dunks. Not Kyrie Irving with his slithery handles nor the threat of J.R. Smith  suddenly getting hot from the three point line. In the end, the Cavilers don’t have enough to compete with the defending champions.
And that’s a damn shame.
We all believed that this series would provide epic battles at the highest level of basketball. Who knew that it would be like taking candy from a baby for the Golden State Warriors.
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