It Is Time For Carmelo’s Magical Run


by Yusuf Gadlin

Thirteen long reminiscent years have passed since we last saw New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony on a championship stage. Back then he was baby faced with long flowing cornrows. It was the 2003 National Championship game to be exact. Carmelo Anthony was a freshmen in college, his offensive game was unmatched, his knees were not bothered, the NBA world was put on notice.
After capturing the National title for Syracuse as a magical freshmen in college, and as a professional for the New York Knicks now, it is time for Carmelo’s final act.

On the NBA level, ‘Melo has carved out an fantastic career in terms of putting the ball in the basket. At one point in time he was the best pure scorer in the game until Kevin Durant snatched that title from him. At one point in time people actually debated as to who was the better player between he and Lebron James . We all know Lebron is the better player but still, Carmelo used to be in those type of endless conversations.

The truth is Carmelo Anthony has gone from must see to “washed up” in the eyes of many. Nobody is checking for him anymore , nobody cares. To be fair, Melo in all likelihood will win his fourth Olympic Gold medal this summer as a member of Team USA, An amazing accomplishment.But no matter how many Gold medals he wins they will never equal or fill the void of a championship ring.

The Knicks have now positioned Melo an opportunity to at least fight for a ring With the summer acquisitions of redemption players in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. He has a ~uber talented 7-footer in Kriptas Porzingus that can one day be the best player in the NBA. This isn’t the 2009 Denver Nuggets that Carmelo Anthony led to the Western Conference finals. Carmelo’s 2017 teammates are better than that cast.
This by far is Carmelo’s best chance to become relevant again, His best chance to be that lightning in the bottle and to strike again. This is his chance to get the better of LeBron James for once. Quite frankly It’s Melo time to swipe a ring like a thief in the night.

It’s time for some of that Syracuse magic.

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