by Yusuf Gadlin


At some point in time we all will lose a friendship that we thought would last forever. In some cases (particularly the one I’m about to address) rather than cutting the person off forever, we tend to engage that former bestie dis-ingenuousness with a side of alternative motive.

You don’t wish harm or death on your former “right hand”, you just want them to fail miserably at everything that they attempt. You salvage enough of the fake relationship to pat them on the back and offer them bootleg condolences. In Russell Westbrook case, it’s very simple, He hopes his former best bro Kevin Durant never captures that elusive championship ring.
Friendemies are the worst.
After five seasons of close but no cigar, Kevin Durant flipped on the city of Oklahoma. Durant took his talents to the Bay Area  to join forces with the Golden State Warriors in hopes of finally having his ring finger fitted. But most importantly, Durant betrayed his best homie, Russell Westbrook.

In turn, Westbrook signed a three- year $85 million dollar extension to continue to play for the Thunder while flexing his loyalty to the entire city of Oklahoma. Kevin Durant says he plans to congratulate Russell on securing his extension but couldn’t because everything is touchy? How?  Aren’t they best friends? Oh that’s right!, their friendemies now. Or have they always been?

Russell in all likelihood probably will receive that call from Durant.But that doesn’t mean the word “traitor” won’t appear on Westbrook’s phone followed by Westbrook sending Durant straight to voicemail.
Kevin Durant chose the opposition over eight years of friendship. All Durant had to do was finally man up and tell the aggressive/volatile Russell Westbrook to stop shooting the basketball so damn much. Rather than keeping it real with Westbrook and strengthening thier bond in the long run, Durant walked away quietly, leaving those rumors of Westbrook’s ball hoggish ways as the reason he left still floating out there.
That’s not a friend, but a friendemy.
One could surmise  Kevin Durant resented Westbrook for always slicing and dicing thier championship aspirations. But never Durant never spoke up and more importantly never spoke to. Both will publicly wish each other success on their future endeavors, but the thing about friendemies is that only one person will mean it.

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