Jesus, Come to the Garden

by Yusuf Gadlin
If 41-year-old Ray Allen wants to put an epic ending to his stellar career, New York City is the place for him. If Allen wants to contribute, mentor, motivate, and provide guidance, then he should take a bite out of the big apple.

Allen, a two-time champion and the NBA all time leader in three pointers made would fit perfect with New York Knicks. From a mentoring stand point, imagine the shooting secrets Allen could provide for the 7 foot baby giant in Kriptas Porzingus. Yes the kid is working on post moves this summer but let’s be honest, Porzingus won’t be bullying anybody on the block anytime soon unless it’s some type of fade-away or one legged step back. Porzingus is bound to launch a lot of three pointers this season, why not have a legend like Allen in his ear transforming his silky jumper to God like.
From a motivational standpoint, Ray Allen can help push Carmelo Anthony in ways he has never been. Allen has been on the same floor with the greatest player ever in Michael Jordan. Allen has also been teammates with with this generations greatest player in LeBron James. Let’s not forget,in 2013 it was Allen who provided the biggest and gutsiest  three pointer in NBA history. That shot not only ensured Ray Allen  with his second championship ring but also saved King James’ legacy from being perceived as an all-time finals loser. If Allen can save LeBron’s career, why can’t he save Melo’s? Ray Allen can show Carmelo Anthony what it takes to be a champion, what it takes to be a leader, and as a teammate provide the Knicks as a whole the blueprint to the Larry O’brien Trophy.

Knicks die hard Spike Lee is desperately recruiting Ray Allen because he knows at age 41, Allen still got game and more importantly still got aim. The three pointers that Ray Allen connect on will send the New York crowd  bananas in ways that nobody could ever imagine. Ray Allen would provide hope to the New York faithful and would be the missing ingredient that proves something special is cooking in NYC. If Allen is looking for one more magical ride, then Jesus come to Garden.
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