Bad Bad Fit, For Rajon Rondo


by Yusuf Gadlin

CHICAGO —  The Chicago Bulls organization faces another tough decision. This time with one of thier”prized” free agents, ironically, bull-headed Rajon Rondo.

The creatively imprisoned guard is on his way out of the Windy City, it’s just a matter of time. After being suspended for throwing a towel at an assistant coach, and being told he looked old and slow by Bulls second year head coach Fred Hoiberg,  Rondo now finds himself glued to the bench and reduced to an angry cheerleader.
Rondo says he was told the team would play a certain way and that he would be able to create , improvise, and unveil masterpieces on nightly bases with the basketball in hands. Twenty-nine games in with the bulls who currently sit as the eight seed , the relationship s over before it ever really started.  Rondo is currently shooting a career worst 36% from the field while averaging peanuts, 7 points and 7 assist.
This was just a bad fit.The cool , laid back, high I.Q,  extremely cerebral point guard doesn’t  mesh well with orders or being told how to create with a basketball in his hands.  ESPECIALLY FROM FRED HOIBERG  who has no clue as to what an NBA coach is. Every coach , in any sport, on any level, needs to be able to compromise with any and all  of their players . You have to be so secure, so self assured and understanding enough  as a coach to realize your player is not defying your authority when challenging your philosophical principles but yet wanting you to be flexible and work to their strengths Coach Hoiberg doesn’t  understand this, at all. That is why he chose to flex his muscles and bench a talented player like a Rondo rather than relinquish some power or take the simplistic route and just compromise with a player that has an NBA championship on his resume.
This inst the Rick Carlisle situation in Dallas even though the ending will be the same for Rajon Rondo, a untimely and a relief-like exit. those were two champions butting heads.Here in Chicago , there is a coach who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Everyone knows it, but somehow Rondo will be made the scapegoat.
Rajon Rondo needs a championship coach that is willing to compromise and confident in his coaching abilities . That is clearly not Fred Hoiberg or with the Chicago Bulls.
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