The New York Let Down

by Yusuf Gadlin

New York Knicks fans are tortured yet again.

The Knicks entered 2016-2017 season as a team on a mission. But they are about the leave the disastrous season having pressed the abort button.

You could point to a multitude of reasons as to why this season turned into a nightmare from hell. There’s the lackadaisical coaching, an inept owner, a old prick for a team president, or the fan favorite”Blame Melo” if you want to force yourself into some sort of false sense of closure. Ultimately, you must look at the players who refused to commit to one another.

Former Knicks guard Brandon Jennings entered the season clamoring to bring the Knicks back to its glory days. 60 games later Jennings noticed everyone’s pride and ego refused to budge, and he got the he’ll out of town. Now with the second seeded Washington Wizards, Jennings gushed “I’m in the same position I was in New York, but just in a better system for me personally and with a team that actually plays together.”

The Derrick Rose saga continues to get stranger by the seasons. Kicked out of Chicago in a contract year, the Knicks traded for the former MVP hoping he could help guide them back to the playoffs while being financially motivated. While the playoff part back fired, Rose has shown teams around the league he still has the juice, but only on the offensive end of the floor. This by far has been Derrick Rose worst defensive season. The only thing worse than Rose defense is when he disappeared on the Knicks organization January 11th, failing to let everyone know about his whereabouts. Rose cited a family emergency for the weird disappearance, but there was his coach, Jeff Hornacek trying to shield for Rose. “We’re all in this together, “We all think of ourselves as a big family.”

Lies, all lies.
Again, if your looking for closure, tell yourself Carmelo Anthony should have sacrificed more. Tell yourself Kriptas Porzingus is soft and needs to toughen up. Tell yourself it’s the out dated triangle offense , or that damn broken down Joakim Noah. Tell yourself if only Charles Oakley never showed up that night or if Phil Jackson never tweeted.

But the fact is , selfishness and ego destroyed your 2016-2017 New York Knicks

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