Lavar is a Box of Chocolates

By Yusuf Gadlin

Lavar Ball is basking in his glory. He is a father with three talented sons, all with a chance to go to the NBA. For some parents that chance alone is enough for them to stay quiet in the background and hope/pray that their child’s dream will come to fruition.

Not Lavar Ball, who is a interesting fellow.

When Lavar talks about others, he comes off as delusional, rude, cocky, or flat out stupid. You guys already know how he strokes his children egos or dare say he can beat Michael Jordan in a game of one on one. You know how he wants billion-dollar endorsement deals for his own sons, while at the same time almost wanting a 12-year-old Lebron James, Jr. to fail at emerging from his father Atlantic Ocean shadows.

Then you step back further from Lavar Ball.

Is this guy a marketing genius? Do we congratulate him for shattering that nasty stigma that black boys don’t have black fathers as back bones? Charles M. Blow of the New York Times provided facts to the last question in a article he wrote two years ago. ” In fact, a C.D.C. report issued in December 2013 found that black fathers were the most involved with their children daily, on a number of measures, of any other group of fathers — and in many cases, that was among fathers who didn’t live with their children, as well as those who did”.

Let’s step back even further.

Some wish Lavar Ball was a tad bid classier with his criticism or critique of others. Some wish he would just return to his hole and patiently wait for his sons to throw millions of dollars in it. But Lavar Ball isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He’s here now, and we have to be selective when we pay attention to him as he is now his own separate entity, intentional or unintentionally so.

The only explanation is Lavar Ball is a box chocolate, you’re never know what you going get.

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