We Need Legendary Wade

by Yusuf Gadlin

Nobody expected the Chicago Bulls to be within one victory of clinching a playoff spot. Maybe the diehard Bulls fans did, maybe the Bulls players themselves, but not the casual NBA fan.
As the clock continues to tick towards the Playoffs, all of the lights in Chicago will be on Dwyane Wade. After suffering a fractured elbow, Wade initially  was declared out for the rest of the season. But with the Bulls surging and looking formidable, Wade has decided to jump back in the game.
On the season Wade is averaging 19 points only appearing in 57 games. His return to Chicago has been forgettable. simply put, Dwyane Wade has left the city of Chicago with a lot to be desired.
Insert the playoffs.
What better time to remind the basketball world who really run things? This is the perfect opportunity for Wade to add to his already legendary career. This Bulls team as constructed is scrappy while being led by a borderline superstar in Jimmy Butler. For every offensively challenged player that the Bulls have, they counter with Rajon rondo to mask those deficiencies, the perfect point guard for that reason alone.
Dwyane Wade is the missing ingredient.
while the Chicago faithful hope this is the playoff run that Jimmy Butler finally ascends to superstar status, Dwyane Wade already is. Wade is not a sidekick this playoff run, he is the leader and must play like it. I’m looking forward to a statement game from Wade in the Bulls final three games that proves my theory. After all, Chicago doesn’t want “Father Prime” we just  want Dwyane Wade.
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