Warriors must avoid the Kings’ Trap

by Yusuf Gadlin

The Warriors rolled to a 113-91 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers to open up game 1 of the NBA finals. The Warriors were sensational, well two of them were, that being Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

Durant smoothly produced 38 points on 26 shots in his first finals performance since 2012, where he lost in 5 games to the Miami Heat. Five years later to the present, there was Kevin again, scoring with ease, making the pressurized NBA finals look like child’s play. Durant did everything ferociously from outplaying the great LeBron James, to severely crossing over the Cavs’ grandfather in Richard Jefferson, to finally hitting pop sensation and a highly documented LeBron “super-fan” Rihanna with multiple death stares in the process.

On the other hand.

Stephen Curry resurgence on the NBA finals stage was very impressive. Curry blasted the lethargic Cavaliers to the tune of 28 points, drilling six three pointers in the process. Curry quieted his critics who have labeled him a choker on this stage and added credence to his biggest supporters arguments that indeed he was injured or re-aggravated an preexisting injury in last years underwhelming finals performance.

Oh that King’s trap. I almost forgot.

The Golden state Warriors are universally known for playing team basketball. Team basketball is what made the Warriors, the freaking Warriors. Game 1 was a scary indication that the once team friendly  warriors became a two man show.  Curry and Durant combined to take 48 shots, while the other three starters took 33 shots. If we strictly look at the four-headed monster that is Durant, Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson–Thompson and Green combined to take 28 shots.

48 shots to 28. You do the math. This is not the formula for success for a team that has prided itself on team basketball and find the open man.

Hopefully Durant and Curry don’t fully transform into Durant and  Russell Westbrook, a combination that never produced a championship. What made the Warriors special was that you once had to guard everybody, nobody was a decoy, everybody could hurt you. Durant and Curry can’t fall into the trap of one LeBron James.

LeBron James is a mastermind and is known to sacrifice games here and there to bring the ultimate goal to fruition. this year finals goal? lull both Curry and Durant into a false sense of individual dominance while slowly taking away their teammates. Though the Cavaliers lost game one, they will continue to battle together as a team. Strength in numbers is something I hope the Warriors haven’t  forgotten about. When facing Lebron James  in the game of basketball, Chess not checkers is his only preference.

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