Issa Dynasty

by Yusuf Gadlin


The Golden State Warriors are now the NBA champions of the world. The Warriors dismantled the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games to win their second title in three years.
There is a strong possibility that the Warriors are the next Dynasty in the making. Couple that with an aging  Lebron James who is the only superstar left in the NBA that gives you a real chance against the warriors, and that dynasty is all but assured.
Wait… the only Superstar left? Unfortunately that’s the truth. Maybe you bring up  the loan San Antonio Spur Kawhi Leonard but his team is too old, too slow, and a roster retooling is necessary. OK, well what about Russell Westbrook? Not enough talent on the roster, to much ego, and not enough TALENT, again. Realistically there isn’t much any NBA team can do, but there is one thing, and it may be the only option.
Let the super team building begin.
The fact is you are not beating the Warriors without a minimum of two unselfish Superstars, One all star, and at least three proven bench players capable of scoring 20 points CONSISTENTLY every night. Oh, and they ALL cant be allergic to playing above average defense or executing defensive schemes.
Lord , bless the General Manager that can pull that off.
That’s not mentioning player chemistry, guys willing to sacrifice numbers, and players accepting roles. Lets be honest, The NBA for the next three years is the Golden Sate Warriors Vs Who the hell will help Lebron James.
The Golden State Warriors are Champions and the dominance is only beginning. We all will watch, we all will stare, and in the end, we all will be disappointed how easy things are about to get for this Dynasty in the making.

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