The Great White Hype

by Yusuf Gadlin

After a long strenuous free agency process, the Boston Celtics finally got their man. 

The Celtics got their hero and unofficial face of the franchise Gordon Hayward. This move reunites Hayward and his former coach Brad Stevens who had the honor to coach Hayward during their successful collegiate days at Butler University.

Let’s be clear, while this move helps the Celtics compete for a NBA finals berth next year, the Hayward signing is more about making the Boston faithful fully  embrace their roots again.

It’s no secret Boston is recognized as the most racist city in America. The classic Boston apologist will say ” But we made arguably the greatest player ever in Bill Russell the first black coach in the NBA in 1966.”  Well, the 11-time champion Bill Russell said this in his memoir, Second Wind. “Boston itself was a flea market of racism. It had all varieties, old and new, and in their most virulent form. The city had corrupt, city hall-crony racists, brick-throwing, send-‘em-back-to-Africa racists, and in the university areas phony radical-chic racists. At the same time, Russell expressed an inner conflict at how he was supposed to feel when he was routinely cheered by some of those same people while leading the Celtics to NBA titles.”

What were you saying again?

Nobody likes to talk about race in America, I get it. It makes you angry if your black, and uncomfortable if you’re white. But facts are facts, and you can’t change history. Gordon Hayward represents the good ol’ days of the Larry Bird era, who was the baddest white dude to ever touch a basketball.  

However, the Hayward signing is a breath of fresh air for the Boston faithful.  They get a little better, while LeBron gets a little older. And if LeBron leaves the eastern conference in 2018, The Celtics would become the consensus pick to get back to the NBA finals. 

Can the Boston Celtics finally get over the hump? It remains to be seen. But with Gordon Hayward now in the fold, Boston Strong  will now rally around the great white hype.


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